Getting Things Done by David Allen

Book 2 of 52

David suggests revisiting the book every quarter. I totally agree. I purchased this book in 2016. Read it once. Skimmed it once. Now, re-reading it again in 2021, I concur.

One-liner: Getting things done is not about getting things done. It's about being appropriately engaged with a task or an activity in hand.

One-takeaway: In David's own words, Weekly Review is the “critical success factor” in making your GTD practise stick. So, do your Weekly Review.

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Duration: 2-Jan-21 – 17-Jan-21

Current Status: · 2/52 books completed · 604/16,334 pages read (3.70%) · on book 3 – The Total Money Makeover · up next – Measure What Matters: OKRs: The Simple Idea that Drives 10x Growth · just finished – Getting Things done · 30 pages read per day on average / I need to average 46 per day to get through all 52 books on my list this year

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