Books for Life: A Reading Project

Books has been a part and parcel of my life since childhood. My father is an avid reader and I believe I might have inherited this “reading” gene from him.

In 2021, I'm embarking on a new project to read 52 books in a year i.e. one book a week or 52 books in 52 weeks.

I feel like I'm spending my free time mindlessly on Instagram & YouTube. These platforms are designed to steal one's attention from important things in our lives.

Back in 2015, I stumbled upon Medium blog posts by blogger Nicole Zhu on reading 52 books in 52 weeks. I was really hooked on the idea and tried it myself. I failed. Again in 2018, I stumbled upon Books of Titans podcast by Erik Rostad. I thought I wanted to give this challenge another go. I failed again. However, this time I feel like I can take on this challenge as per Erik's recommendation in these blog posts.

I have created a spreadsheet which I will be using to track my reading progress. And, you can follow my progress here.

Happy Reading!

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